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  • A great pair of affordable tights for cross-country skiing. Suitable for short and quick runs and unisex, these perfect tights are ideal for both kids and adults and are made of a flexible, elasticated fibres that offer an ultimate in comfort and style.
    €9.80 €49.00
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  • A true classic and customer favorite. A stylish ski jacket that offers a technical mesh lining with a brushed interior, offering the maximum in warmth and comfort. Additionally, it benefits from elasticated side panels, rear and underarm ventilation panels and reflective visibility paneling for extra safety.
    €43.60 €109.00
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  • The vision race shirt for boys and girls is a technical competition shirt developed in elasticated Body shape fibres and gives excellent comfort and freedom of movement and flexibility. The shirt has ventilation panels in the optimal sweat zones for humidity transportation and full and stylish comfort and is ideal for high intensity sporting activities.
    €16.50 €55.00
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  • A great and permanent travel buddy! Neck is a super garment that can be used as neck warmer, cap or headband. The Neck is made of a ventilating and quickly drying, functional fibre making it a great choice for your workout.
    €1.80 €9.00
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  • No compromises. One purpose. Race Day. 

    In collaboration with the world’s best cross country skiers we developed a race suit that makes absolutely no compromises, dedicated to match every demand on race day to empower our athletes and teams. We used only the most technical fabrics, purposefully placed, when we designed the race suit to leave you with a second skin like feeling. Utilizing our experience in aerodynamics from time-trial biking we used golf-ball structured fabrics on the shoulders to create least drag on fast downhill segments. Extremely breathable mesh panels were placed strategically on the back and behind the knees to ventilate and keeping your body temperature stable. The area between your core and your knees is using a no-see-through fabric for high opacity no matter the colour you choose to customize the suit for your team. Increased comfort with clean cutted sleeves and collar. Flattened seams makes chafing a thing of the past. 

    Proud to present a race suit that is thinner, lighter and more breathable than all our suits before.

    •     Aerodynamic and flexible panels on the shoulders
    •     Mesh fabric for ventilation on the back and behind the knees
    •     Flattened seams, clean cutted cuffs and collar for increased comfort
    •     No-see-through fabric around your core
    •     Zipper with a lock-down function
    •     Chin guard for skin protection

    This product is with extremely tight fit. It is made to fit as tight as possible on the body and the fit is often referred to as “second skin”. Please consider going up one size if you are in doubt or your measurements are in-between sizes. 


    €129.50 €259.00
    50% Discount
  • Element Plus ski jacket for women has a fitted shape with a slim fit which allows freedom of movement on the ski track. The jacket is lined and made from a soft and stretchy softshell fabric which gives you a perfect fit and great movement. The ski jacket has a large ventilation panel on the back and mesh panels under the arms that provide good ventilation during intense exercise. The fabric is wind and water-resistant and the jacket can easily be used in inclement weather. 

    •    Fitted shaped ski jacket 
    •    Soft softshell fabric
    •    Great ventilation 
    •    Wind and water-resistant

    The ski jacket has a lot of reflective particles printed into the fabric on the rear of the jacket as well as other reflective details, giving improved visibility in the dark. The ski jacket has two zip pockets one-handed adjustment at the bottom of the jacket for a customised fit, a storm flap to protect against wind, chin protection, soft lining in the collar and cuffs. 

    This is a superb jacket for those who enjoy fast-paced skiing, but who does not want to use a race suit. A bestseller!

    The ski pants, which matches the Element Plus ski jacket, won the big test for ski pants in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet where they got the highest score. 

    This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to body, but not cling to it necessarily. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.

    €62.00 €155.00
    60% Discount
  • The women's Compress Race suit is our elite model for women on the ski trail. This is a race suit with compression and muscle support zones that increase blood circulation in the muscles. Compression helps to provide a faster recovery and prevent injury. The suit is made up of a total of 55 fabric panels which are assembled to provide maximum utilisation of both stretch and compression. This is to allow the compression to work optimally in the areas where it is important, without it being at the expense of stretch in the areas where stretch is more important than compression. This high-end model has a very snug fit and sits on the body like a second skin. It is designed with an ergonomic shape, and thanks to the 55 different panels you get a fit that provides a unique freedom of movement. The material is very stretchy and comfortable, quick-drying and breathable. In addition, there are ventilation panels in sweat zones, such as the back and behind the knees. This ensures optimal moisture transport at a high tempo, so that you can perform consistently at a high level for longer. The suit is also extremely aerodynamic, which is an advantage when the seconds count. It has a golf ball structure on the shoulders, going down onto the upper arms. Just like when on a bike, this is one of the areas of the body that catches the most wind when you are pushing yourself forward or in downhill position. By using the 'golf ball' structure on this area, the body catches less wind. This research originally comes from development of the Aero cycling collection, which was developed in a wind tunnel in collaboration with NTNU and tested by Thor Hushovd. The race suit also has two handy laser-cut pockets on the legs for provisions for the longer races such as Birken, Marcialonga and Vasaloppet. Top athletes such as those in Thomas Alsgaard's former cross-country team, Team Leaseplan, trained and competed in the men's suit in the winter, and they know that every second counts, whether in sprint, standard or long distance. Andrew Musgrave, one of the veterans on the team, sums up the suit in one sentence: "The new race suit from Trimtex is exactly what a race suit should be: extremely fast, light, breathable and very comfortable to wear".
    €47.80 €239.00
    80% Discount
  • This super underwear has no chafing seams. The seamless woman's shirt is made from a very soft and comfortable fabric. The shirt is tightly fitted, but the stretchy fabric means it will fit nearly everyone. The super underwear is very well-wicking, and can be used for all sorts of activities, such as skiing, cycling and running. The fabric consists of 30% polyester and 70% polypropylene.
    €8.40 €42.00
    80% Discount
  • This super underwear has no chafing seams. The seamless woman's tights are made from a very soft and comfortable fabric. The tights are tightly fitted, but the stretchy fabric means they will fit nearly everyone. The super underwear is very well-wicking, and can be used for all sorts of activities, such as skiing, cycling and running. The fabric consists of 30% polyester and 70% polypropylene.
    €6.40 €32.00
    80% Discount

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