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  • Shaped by nature and the Nordic grit, we promise to deliver uncompromised quality and to take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. All of our Clean Grit garments are made with a minimum of 50% recycled fabrics.

    We are extremely proud to present one of the world’s absolutely fastest cycling jerseys! The women’s Aero cycling jersey is the result of many years of research and wind tunnel testing with researchers from NTNU. We have tested countless of fabrics in order to find a combination that creates perfect aerodynamics. The Aero cycling jersey has a unique, snug fit, nice large ventilating panels under the arms, and an incredibly comfortable and snug-fitting fabric with golf ball structure covering the shoulders. The pockets on the back also have a special new design to minimise wind resistance.

    Compared to our previous best model, the Pro Cycling Jersey, which is another very good jersey, you save 28 seconds* per hour of cycling. Thor Hushovd participated in the product testing and says himself: "I never thought a cycling suit could be the difference between first place and a decent top 10 placing. But when I look at the results of the research and how much faster the Aero cycling collection is compared to 'regular' cycling suits, I am very impressed. If I were to cycle in a road time trial today, this is the suit I would use and I am convinced that it would make me faster!" Read more about the ground-breaking results here

    *The calculations from the wind tunnel tests used a test subject with a height of 183 cm, weighing 70 kg, pedalling an average of 374 W in one hour’s velodrome cycling, at an average speed of 50 km/h.

    This product is with extremely tight fit. It is made to fit as tight as possible on the body and the fit is often referred to as “second skin”. Please consider going up one size if you are in doubt or your measurements are in-between sizes. 

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