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    • Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit Women's
    • Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit Women's

    Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit has a nice fit without inhibiting movement. It has a number of technical features specially adapted for middle distance cycling. 

    •    Lightweight and breathable materials 
    •    Tight fit 
    •    Reinforced pockets on the back 
    •    Made from recycled materials 

    Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit is lightweight and breathable and is made out of recycled materials. The ultimate combination for a comfortable suit that fits snugly on the body without feeling restrictive. 
    For the best fit possible, the Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit has good elasticity. This also makes it to get in and out of the suit, and let you move freely while wearing it. The advantage of a full suit is that you do not need suspenders. It also prevents air currents between the shorts and shirt. 

    The suit is an excellent alternative for a high level of activity and has all the features needed for cycling this distance. The materials are lightweight and comfortable and ensures good ventilation. The long zipper at the front makes it easy to take the suit on and off, and with longer cut sleeves you get more comfort and less friction. Reinforced back pockets make it possible to bring the necessary equipment throughout the round. Vitric 2.0 Speedsuit Women is well suited for competitions. 


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