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  • <p>Protective, light and extremely breathable for runs in bad weather and cold conditions.</p> <p>Our premium and most technical running jacket provides protection against wind and rain with the lowest possible weight. Breathability is essential for running. Laser-cut holes and the four-way stretch fabric at the back and under the arms ensure not only moisture management, but also that the jacket follows your movements easily and snugs around tightly your core for a very tight fit. The one-handed adjustment at the bottom allows to personalize the fit. The full-length zipper comes with a chin guard and provides comfort together with the soft inside of the higher collar. Highly reflective details at key areas improve visibility in the dark.</p> <p><br /> Updates: We made the front slightly longer and updated the cuffs to make the jacket more versatile and a great pick for intense trainings or race day in the ski tracks.</p> <ul class="disc"> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Windproof and water-resistant panels&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Elastic yet protective fabric on the back and under the arms</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Laser-cut holes for ventilation</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Smart placed reflective elements for safety</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;One-handed adjustment for improved fit</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Two zippered side pockets&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to body, but not cling to it necessarily. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • <p>Allrounder for many sports year-round matching the needs of most for functionality, weight and fit.</p> <p>Our most versatile jacket empowers the multi-sport athlete who trains throughout all the seasons outdoors, demanding great breathability, flexibility in the shoulders, low weight and a tight fit.</p> <p><br /> Heavy duty requires resilience and we updated the jacket with very durable fabrics which could even satisfy an orienteer. Ever changing conditions in the Nordic grit shouldn&rsquo;t stop you from training and the Element jacket withstand wind and rain easily, even keeps you dry from the inside as we implemented a ventilation panel on the back and under the arms. Training in low light is typical for Scandinavian winters and reflective details at key areas increase your visibility and safety. The one-handed adjustment at the bottom makes the fit of the jacket easy to adapt to your needs. The full-length zipper comes with a chin guard protecting you from chafing.</p> <ul class="disc"> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Windproof and water-resistant&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ventilation panels at key areas</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Tight fitted</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Full-length zipper with a chin guard</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Two zippered side pockets&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to body, but not cling to it necessarily. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.</p>
  • <p>A customer favorite! This classic training jacket, great for both running and skiing, is also ideal for hiking or wearing to your workout sessions. The garment is light and comfortable and the elasticated areas on the side make it both flexible and enjoyable to wear. The Trainer Jacket offers you an additional waistband that can be tightened from inside the pocket and is made of windproof and water repellent materials. The additional underarm and rear air vents you will give you the assurance that the jacket has space to breathe and offers the further benefits of reflective zippers, giving you an ultimate and vital element of safety.</p> <p>This product has a regular fit. This means that it has a looser fit on the body, it is not supposed to be tight or restrictive.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>Reduced to perform. Super lightweight and breathable to empower high paced runs in colder conditions.</p> <p>Our completely new developed premium running pants is dedicated to ambitious runners for high-intensity winter session by being the lightest, thinnest, most breathable and flexible pants in our range &ndash; yet. &nbsp;</p> <p><br /> The front of the pants keeps you shielded from the elements while the fabric on the back let you run freely and ventilates extremely well to empower you even under the most grittiest challenge. We articulated the knees to provide flexibility and fitted the tights extremely tight. A card-sized, stretchy center-back pocket closes securely with a zipper and holds enough space for your phone or nutrition. An internal drawstring for adjustability and increased comfort. We moved the bottom leg zipper slightly to the side to avoid chafing on your ankles and sewed in highly reflective stripes to make you visible on late-night runs.<br /> The pants are appreciated of cross country skiers for warm-ups, cool-downs or very intense trainings. &nbsp;</p> <ul class="disc"> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ultralight protection on the front</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Highly breathable four-way-stretch fabric on the back</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Extreme tight fit</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Center-back pocket with a zipper</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bottom leg zipper&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Reflective details for nighttime visibility</li> </ul> <p>This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to body, but not cling to it necessarily. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.</p>
  • <p>The men's Element 2.0 running pants are for those who are active and want running pants with a slim fit. The pants have a fitted shape, so they have a slimmer fit that follows your movements during exercise. The fabric is lightweight, stretchy, windproof and highly water-resistant at the front.</p> <p>The back of the pants is made in a stretchy and breathable fabric that means the pants naturally follow your movements during training, even dramatic movements. This makes the pants highly suitable for both running and skiing. In addition to the breathable fabric at the back, the pants also have a mesh lining on the thigh and ventilation below the knee that provide good ventilation during intense exercise.</p> <ul class="disc"> <li>Fitted shape</li> <li>Lightweight and stretchy</li> <li>Breathable fabric</li> </ul> <p>The pants have side zips that reach up to the thigh, that make it easy to put the pants on and take them off again over ski shoes or other clothing. The pants also have an elastic waistband with drawstring, a right zip pocket and reflective details. On extra cold days, we recommend wearing a wool or polyester base layer under the pants, with wool being ideal for less intense activity.</p> <p>This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to body, but not cling to it necessarily. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.</p>
  • The women's Trainer pants are classic training pants and a customer favourite. These are light and versatile training pants with a wind and water-resistant fabric at the front and a breathable and stretchy material at the back that makes the pants flexible and comfortable to wear, even during larger movements. As well as the breathable material at the back, the pants also have ventilation below the knee. The upper part of the pants also has a mesh lining to make them more comfortable when you get sweaty. These features make the training pants suitable for a slightly higher activity level, such as running, shorter hikes and other exercise. There is also a zip on the leg, an elastic waistband with a drawstring and one-handed adjustment, a zip pocket on the right side and reflective details for improved visibility. The Trainer pants have a matching jacket available in both male and female models, and are the most popular pants for businesses, clubs and teams.

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